Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SLO 1.1.5

The last changes to Scanning Large Objects are from 2006-12-18, but it seems that I managed not to publish these changes for quite a lot of time now... More than 7 months.

An excerpt from the changelog:

As of 060803, I have decided to convert this to TeX and make a
very brief history of this document\ldots
060803 - Conversion to LaTeX, enough changes to promote to 1.1
061212 - Finally came back to this article. Added the screenshot that
was in my weblog, changed the title (added version number to it),
fixed some parts that didn't sound quite right for me, promoted
version to 1.1.5 (It is pretty tricky to decide on version number ;) )
070106 - Fixed some typos, prepared this to be published (in several formats)

The article, in various formats:


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