Thursday, March 30, 2006



It is a nice little program from Micro$oft which shows information you probaly didn't know your computer logs. It shows you current system uptime or a log of nearly every boot and shutdown of your PC. It is really interesting to launch on a computer to see how the PC is used :-)

I don't know what more could i say about this little utility. When started without parameters, it displays you current system uptime (for how much time has it been running). With /s switch it will show you key system events (boots and shutdowns) and time between shutdowns and boots, which means it will show you downtime and uptime of the box.

The usage:

Uptime [server] [/s ] [/a] [/d:mm/dd/yyyy | /p:n] [/heartbeat] [/? | /help]

server Name or IP address of remote server to process.
/s Display key system events and statistics.
/a Display application failure events (assumes /s).
/d: Only calculate for events after mm/dd/yyyy.
/p: Only calculate for events in the previous n days.
/heartbeat Turn on/off the system's heartbeat
/? Basic usage.
/help Additional usage information.


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