Saturday, March 11, 2006


Arachne is your way to go if you have at least 286 (386 recommended). It is really fast, graphical internet browser and email client. Arachne supports a subset of the HTML/4.0 specification, including tables, frames, imagemaps, forms, and includes built-in HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP and other internet protocols. FTP, SSH, or TELNET are easily plugged in via APM (Arachne Package Manager) packages.

You can get it here

All you have to do with the downloaded file is execute it and follow the instructions on the screen.


Accept the C:\Arachne option, don't specify a different option, because we will be using this path further in this mini-tutorial.
When she asks you about video, look at upper right corner. There you'll see what kind of video adapter it detected. Try to guess the memory it has and try the selected video mode. If your card isn't supported, then the safest choice would be the "VESA compatible card or driver" and, most likely, 640x480 512KB 256 colours. Oh, and at bottom of the screen you should read the explanation of options i already gave you.

After the video is setup, she asks you about max resolution. Choose 640x480 or 800x600
In net setup, choose PPP wizard - it is longer but more user friendly than advanced setup.

Let him (The Wizard) try to detect your modem. If the modem is connected to COM1 or COM2 everything may work fine. But it may fail if it is connected to COM3/COM4 or if it requires an init string. When you skip detection or it doesn't work, you're asked the COM port, then the communication speed. Both these steps are sufficiently explained on the screen.

The further step is more important - you have to enter init string, which for many modems will be ATZ, but it's always better to check the correct init string for your modem here or here. The dial command will probably be ATDT, which is the default setting. Next step is the easiest - you have to enter your provider's phone number (with prefixes).

In the following step you have to change only one option - The dialpage should be "Simplified version for old computers" - the appereance doesn't really matter much anyway. But performance does. Consequently, you have to enter your username/password. When asked for IP adress leave as it is - dynamically assigned each time you connect. But the DNS you will have to figure out yourself - consult the documentation you have or ISP's web site, where you will almost surely find this info in "HowTo set up the connection".
If you want, you can now try to set up the email.

TIP: If your Arachne is up and running, press hotkey 'K' and you will get a screen with all Arachne-HOTKEYS, so, if you don't like mouseclicking, you have the shortcuts. You can also have your own personal hotkeys: they are defined in arachne.cfg and at arachne's optionpage Personal settings.

You're done! If everything went right, you have an internet connection in your old computer! A nice graphical one :-)

Note: Later, when you want to launch Arachne again, type "arachne" to start arachne (if not already in c:\arachne, type "cd \arachne", then "arachne")


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